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1) BB vs. DD; CA/CL vs. DD game room.
- BB vs. CA and Below are considered illegal on Missouri Server.
- CL/CA vs. DD is considered to be legal on Missouri Server.
- BB1-4 vs. BB5 is considered illegal on Missouri Server.
2) GB II, Blitzkrieg & Night Game Mode hosting rule.
- GB II / Blitzkrieg / Night Game Mode are for all ship classes and banning of any player is not allowed without a good reason, for banning please see section below.
- GB I
a) split and go is allowed in GB1
b) host to announce during room filling his intention to split and go
c) Once room is split no ships must be moved and game to start without delay
d) if any ship is moved then host must bal room
e) Any players not wishing to take part in split and go room should leave as soon as host declares his intentions, not wait and shout stack after split or game start.
f) GB2, please continue to play this mode as before.
g) the host can choose to balance GB1 games if he wishes to do so
3) 4-8" gun variant setting on BB/CA.
- 4-8" gun only rooms are allowed, only limit is that BB are not allowed to join them. Furthermore they cannot be of the form 4-8" no AP. Ammo limiting makes them illegal.
4) CV War Room.
- No fighter only CV and Torpedo only Oyodos are allowed all CV must have torpedo or dive bomber planes and pilots on board to take part.
5) CV Hunt Room Rules.
- For a CV to participate in a CV hunt, the CV must have dive or torp bomber planes loaded, with pilots onboard, regardless of any armament carried on the CV. There are also guides made on CV hunt rooms so please check forums for more information on these room types and how to host them.
6) AFK Room in Trade Area (Area 13).
Since Area 13 is specific as a Trade Area, the following rules are now put in place:
- All AFK rooms in this area (Area 13) will be disconnected by Team NF.
- For the Fleet or SQ, you can have an all purpose room open in Area 14
- If you're making a room for a Moderator or Monitor to meet you in to discuss an issue, this can still be created in Area 13
7) Leeching in any game room
Definition of leeching: If a player stays in the same position from the beginning till the end of the game (i.e. the starting grid). You will need take a Screen Shot as proof, as well as recording the following information:
- Type of the Game Room (Normal / GB II / Blitzkrieg)
- Date and Time of the incident
- If any notice was given as to whether the doorbell or phone had rung. We will collect the information and add it into our database, to the extent that repeat offenders will be noticed and action will proceed against their account.
8) Advertising in NF
The advertising of commercial websites is NOT ALLOWED, but sites such as NF fan sites and fleet/squad websites are allowed to be advertised on the official navyfield site or in game.
9) Banning
Banning from any battle room without a good reason is not allowed, if player isn't in correct ship for room limits ask them to leave before ban. Also if you have been banned from room please contact the host to fin out why if you do not know, if you are unhappy about being banned for whatever reason please then contact a moderator or monitor.
10) Moderators/Monitors
Please do not harass/spam members of Team NF also please don't ask them to go to area 13 when the problem can be solved over radio man or in current room moderators more so can be very busy and it may take a hour at times before they can reach you so its better to leave message for them to get back to you. In regards to Hacking and Lost Items please send in support from NF website as moderators cannot and are not meant to deal with these problems these are to be left for the NFGM. The banning or any member of Team NF without a very good reason is against rules if you do so you will be considered to be cheating. If you have complaints about any member of Team NF please either email Greenglade for either server, rolleso for Arizona and absolution for Missouri servers.
11) Account Sharing
Any player who gives out there password to anybody for any reason ranging from sharing with friend, family or buying items from NF store will result in that account being null and void from NF support. In turn meaning that from then on if any items goes missing or that account is lost Team NF will not return these items but we will punish all those involved in stealing or hacking the items/accounts in question. Excessive account sharing may lead to the suspension of accounts if they are heavily shared also.
12) Some other illegal play method
a) S & F (Stop and Fire)
- Definition 1: This is a type of pre-arranged battle known about since 2001. The game setup usually has a capital ship, mostly BB or BC on one side and the other side has the lower level players (at least 7 players, usually they are DD/FF, to meet the player amount requirement to earn experience). The capital ship stops in the the battle field and allows the lower level side to open fire at the BB/BC without the capital ship returning fire. - Definition 2:
Both teams have equal ships, but they do not engage in a real fight. Each team allows the other team to cause a certain amount of damage, then the game is ended by the players once they have reached this certain amount of attack.
b) Operation Convoy (OP) Stacking
This refers to the Operation Convoy game type where the teams are not reasonably balanced or where one team has only one player and everyone else joins the other side. They gain tactical points and experience by stacking the teams.
- Definition for "Reasonable Balance":
The displacement on both team must be close to each other, and the numbers of ships per class are balanced between both teams. (Clarification: Just because the displacement is close to even this does not mean it is balanced. You also need to try to balance the numbers of the ships in each team)
c) Prearranged Battle
These battles are also known as AB (Arranged Battles), which is where the battle is already mapped out and known by both sides to the extent that it maximizes experience for both because the outcome is known.
- Example 1: Rooms called "Clan Name Only". if you must host a practice or meeting room do it outside of areas which grant experience and credits (i.e. outside of 7, 8 and 12)
- Example 2: A room where large ships such as a Battleship or Carrier will let others beat him up without fighting back. Moderators are exempt from this rule to host "Free EXP Rooms".
- Example 3: A room where you will fire upon enemy ships however you will not kill them, instead you will hit them and allow them to repair and he will do the same so you both get as much attack, experience and credits as possible.
- Example 4: Operation Convoy where one team will capture the crate repeatedly while the other team is instructed to not fight back, in return they will get to do it next game.
d) Free Exp Rooms
- Free Exp rooms are banned until furthur notice to mods and players and aren't to be played, any player found to be making these rooms will be punished.